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1. President's Surprise Stop at Football Practice
US President Barak Obama made a surprise visit to a high school football practice on his Midwestern bus tour. He gave words of hope and inspiration to the team, visited with the coach and took a few pictures. What words of wisdom did the leader of the free world share with the team, and what did the

2. Air Show Disasters
Two air show disasters happened within 24 hours of each other over the weekend of September 17-18, 2011. One, in which fans suffered injury and casualties, was the worst in US history.

3. Iran Releases American Hikers
After 781 days in an Iranian prison, Scott Fattal and Shane Bauer were released Wednesday, September 21, 2011. Finally free to speak of their emprisonment, they strongly condemned the Iranian government.

4. Girl's Dream Grows After Death
For her 9th birthday, Rachel Beckwith wanted friends and family to make donations to Charity:Water in leiu of gifts. Killed in a car accident only a couple of weeks later, Rachel's life continues to change the world.

5. 'Wheels Down' Marks End of Space Shuttle Era
The 30 year space shuttle has ended. It gave us satellites, space probes and the International Space Station. What's next for NASA and the astruonauts we've come to admire?

6. Start a Book Club for the Summer...Or Longer
Looking for something to do in the heat of long summer days? Why not start a kid's book club?

7. Egypt's Non-Violent Revolution
After 18 days of protest, Egyptians are rewarded with the resignation of their president and the promise of a better life.

8. Happy Birthday, USA
The US celebrates a birthday every July 4. But do you know the story behind the date? Read why we shoot fireworks, bar-b-que and fly the flag!The history of the country starts with a craving for freedom that hasn't ended yet!

9. Kidnap Victim Returns to Family 23-Years Later
Carlina White was kidnapped from Harlem Hospital in 1987. She didn't see her parents again for 23 years. Her own research and determination reunited her with her family.

10. Summertime Trivia
Summer is full of fun ... and trivia! Find out some interesting summer facts and amaze your friends and family. Oh! You're so hot!

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